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EZ Curl Bar



The EZ Curl Bar is a twisted rod designed to do bicep and triceps curls. This unique rod is presented to you by the official franchise of the PAKISTAN Cyber Tele Shop. The main purpose of the curl is that it is already twisted, so you do not have to move your hands outwards so much. You can perform exercises while sitting in a bench or during lying on the floor.

You can easily exercise with the EZ Curl bar just by holding the bar in your hands. Now you have to carefully bend your elbows in a way that the bar facing towards your face. In the next step; you have to lower the bar and then repeat this cycle for about 15-20 minutes. This regular repetition of cycle will help you to develop bicep and triceps in considerably less amount of time.

The EZ Curl Bar is crafted from the chrome plated metal that doesn’t get faded or damaged easily. It comes with the locking nuts, so you can install the different weight capacities dumbbells in it. The EZ Curl Bar will save your time to get to the gym to perform the same exercise, because you can perform the same exercise right in your home.

The EZ Curl Bar is marketed in PAKISTAN by the online franchise of the Cyber Tele Shop PAKISTAN. You can easily place an order of this product just by calling to the number 0300-4252400. You can also use the online web portal to do the same job.

Additional Features of the EZ Curl Bar:

  1. Toning of bicep/triceps to perfectly tone your arm
  2. Chrome Plated
  3. Includes 2 safety locks to adjust and lock the dumbbells
  4. Stylish design

Package Contains:

1 x EZ Curl Bar


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