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Jumping Rope



Jumping rope is a rope designed to exercise and jump at regular intervals. This rope is perhaps the best and economical solution for daily workout. 
I am always and forever on a diet, similar to many other ladies out there. My main problem is exercise –
I really don’t want to spend 2 hours a day working out in a gym, and I tend to get bored easily. 
So, my goal is to find something that I don’t have to spend hours doing and I would actually enjoy.
I’ve lost weight in the past and the secret (well, it’s not a secret) is to basically eat less and work out more
 – pretty simple right? Wrong lol
I think I can get the eating part down, since I like to cook, I am going to hit Pinterest 
(my favorite website) to find a bunch of low calorie food, so that part is ok.
Now the exercise, as I mentioned above, my goal is to find something that can do a full body workout but not
 spend a lot of time doing it. Basically, I don’t want to be in the gym for an hour looking at guys in muscle 
shirts lifting weights.
So, I decided I am going to do what one of my friends did, jumping rope to lose weight. 
She suggested that I get a weighted jump rope, therefore I am also working out my arms at the same time.
 My first impression was, are you serious? That’s like a kids toy and I would probably trip over my own feet 🙂
 But…she convinced me to just at least give it a try, so I agreed (with hesitation).
Now, you know me, I am all about the online research. So, I was Googleing around to find the benefits
 of jumping rope…
#1 – You can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time (love this benefit)
#2 – Great for cardio health – gets that heart pumping!
#3 – Get for agility and speed (I don’t really need speed and agility but hey why not! )
#4 – It’s a full body workout
#5 – It’s portable, you can bring your jump rope anywhere
#6 – It’s cheap (no need for fancy equipment)
So, I found this great weighted jump rope on Amazon. First of all there are a TON of options to pick from,
 my head was spinning just searching.
But I picked this specific one because it included jump rope exercises with the package.
 When it arrived I got started right away.
How was my first jump rope workout? The truth? I think I almost died haha
But really, it was a REAL workout, I was sweating and out of breath…but that is a good thing! 
I am really excited to continue and I urge you to join me jumping rope to lose weight.


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