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Dumbbell Plate Rod



The Dumbbell Plate Rod is a rod designed to fit dumbbells at the edges. This rod is mainly used by individuals in an exercise gym. The dumbbell rod is made from the highest quality stainless steel that does get damaged easily. The fitness rod featured Dumbbell Plate Rod features the anti-slip knurled grooves that don’t slip easily during exercise.

The Dumbbell Plate Rod comes in different sizes from 3-6 ft. You can select the one that best suit your need and mode of exercise. The fitness rod comes with the tightening nut. This nut needs to be tightened after placing the dumbbells, as the nut holds the dumbbells tight during the exercise.

The Dumbbell Plate Rod could prove to be the ultimate solution for all those individuals who want to build muscles naturally and in a considerably less amount of time. This fitness rod is marketed in Pakistan by the Cyber Tele Shop.

 If you want to place an order of this unique product, then just log on to the website of the cyber tele shop for this purpose. Please note that the pricing of this product is 300 rupees/ft. You can buy the road in the length from 3 to 6 ft as per your convenience.

Additional Features of the Dumbbell Plate Rod:

  1. Dumbbell fitness rod
  2. Features non-slip knurled grip
  3. Comes in sizes from 3 ft to 6 ft
  4. Made from quality materials


Its price is 300 Rupees per foot. Comes in sizes from 3 ft to 6ft.

3 Ft Rod Price: 900 Rupees

4 Ft Rod Price: 1200 Rupees

5 Ft Rod Price: 1500 Rupees 

6 Ft Rod Price: 1800 Rupees


1 x Dumbbells Plate Rod