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Electronic Cigarette eGo-T


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Whether you call it an electronic cigarette, ecig, or e-cigarette makes no difference. Are ecigarettes healthy compared to tobacco cigarettes? Yes. Are e-cigs used as a viable nicotine replacement system by countless ex-smokers? Indeed. Are electronic cigarettes the future of smoking? Irrefutably so.

Electronic cigarette eGo-T has three main components. The battery, atomizer, and the cartridge. The e-cig battery provides power at various mAh’s for the ecig atomizer to be able to vaporize ecigarette liquids. The e-cigarette cartridge holds ecig liquid and is also known in e-cigarette circles as electronic cigarette cartomizers, e-cig tankomizers, ecigarette puromizers, ecig tanks, or PV clearomizers. Vaping enthusiasts not only quit smoking easily with e-cigs, but enjoy the extra benefits of electronic cigarettes such as saving money, pioneering the use of innovative PV technology, and being the center of attention wherever they go!

Details of  EGO-T Electronic Cigarette :

  1. E-size: 143x14mm
  2. Weight of single cigarette: 47g
  3. Nicotine content for each cartridge: 1g
  4. Mouthfuls for each cartridge keep: 500 mouthfuls
  5. E-liquid of each cartridge equals real cigarette: 35pcs
  6. Full battery can keep for: 1200mouthfuls
  7. Content of battery: 1100mAh
  8. Charging Voltage: 3.4V-4.2V
  9. Charge time: 3–4 hours
  10. Life of battery: around 900 time’s charger
  11. Atomizer Life: up to 100000 puffs

eGo T batteries charger

safe and best eGo T starter kiteGo T review

  • 2 (1100 mAh) battries (1200 puffs/charge, microchip auto-shutoff)
  • 1 USB adaptor (allows charging from all USB ports)
  • 2 tank atomizers (heats e juice into vapour)
  • 5 Refillable cartridgres (1 cartridge = 12 – 14 analog cigarettes)
  • 1 wall outlet adaptor( Charge with AC outlet or USB port in 2.5 – 3 hrs)
  • 1 user manual (with equipment maintenance quick reference)
  • Stylish gift box

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Refill E-liquid

To prevent excess liquid from building up in the mouthpiece, clean the overflow prevention cap and the vapor pathway frequently to prevent blockage. Clean excess liquid from around the refill hold before using. If you get excess liquid on your lips, clean your lips with wash. Do not drink liquid.

Tips for Atomizer:

If the atomizer overheats, wait until it returns to a normal temperature before using. When the heater in the atomizer is dry, it will produce a burning taste. Please ensure there is enough liquid in the tank to prevent heater from drying.


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