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Neutrogena Wave Face Cleaner



Includes Power Cleanser, Attachment Head, 14 pads, 1 AA Battery Clinically proven superior to manual cleansing in 3 ways: Tingly, cool foam penetrates deeper ~ 100% of women showed significantly deeper pore cleansing. Gentle vibrating motion stimulates skin’s surface ~ feel the massaging action open pores to remove more dirt, oil and make-up. Softly textured pads sweep away layers of dead skin cells ~ see immediately softer, smoother skin after just 1 use.

Ergonomically Shaped and Easy to Use

Wave Face Cleaner is ergonomically shaped to fit perfectly in your hand. Plus it’s small enough to carry with you when you travel–so you can be sure of perfect skin wherever you are. The Wave package includes 14 Deep Clean foaming pads with cleanser infused right inside them.

To use the Wave, simply install a single pad and push the switch to turn it on. The whole machine vibrates gently. Hold the power cleanser under a bit of water to activate the pad, and a light foam appears. Move the pad over your face, allowing it to massage the foam deep into your pores to remove more dirt, oil, and makeup than ordinary cleansing. Additionally, the soft texture of the pads helps to sweep away layers of dead skin cells. When the foam rinses off, it leaves your skin incredibly clean, smooth, and glowing. And the Wave is so gentle, you can use it every day!

Waterproof and Disposable Pads
The Neutrogena Wave is water resistant and can be used at the sink or in the shower. When you are finished, simply throw the pad away and rinse off the device. Deep Clean pad refills are available if you use up the included supply. The Wave runs on one AA battery (included).

With the Wave’s affordable price, it’s easy to treat yourself to glowingly beautiful skin.

Neutrogena Wave Deep Clean 2 Speed Starter Kit + 14 Foaming Pads:

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Attachment head
  • Curved shape maximizes control
  • Textured grip
  • Water resistant for use in shower
  • Neutrogena facial cleanser cleans 10x deeper than regular cleansing
  • Softer skin after just one use


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