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Ultra Wizzit



One of the biggest advantages of this product is that it helps to remove even the finest and smallest hair in the first time. So, you would not need to repeat the process for 2, 3 times to get these results.

The pinpoint precision of the device makes it possible to remove hair on almost any part of the body, including the areas of underarms, under legs, eyebrows, and under the chest. Moreover, you can also use this product over your delicate areas of the body as chin area, lip area and bikini line. This product will definitely help you to get the desired results painlessly, effortlessly and that’s for sure.

Ultra Wizzit removes all the hair from the roots, so it also minimizes the chances of growing the hair again. You will observe that the next re-growth of the hair is quite slower than the previous one. This feature is quite unmatched than the rest of the electric hair removal products available in the market.

This ergonomic design of the product makes it possible to use the areas which are usually hard to reach such as under the arms and area under the legs. This multipurpose electric hair removal product is ideal for all skin types and both male and female can use this product according to their needs.

The result of this new, unique and versatile  Ultra Wizzit is simply unmatched and amazing. This portable and miniature-sized hair removing product can be used even during the travel. The small size of the product makes it possible to even place this unique product in your pocket or purse. This product is powered by two AAA batteries and you can use the ultra-Wizzit continuously for 3-4 hour long with the same batteries.


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