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What is Meta Slim ?
Meta Slim is the herbal phenomenon of reducing the excessive fat from the body. It is one of the best formulas that improve your waistline and hipline. This fat losing and slimming formula when consumed with lukewarm water washes off the extra fat from the body that makes you look slim. Whereas, it also contains Meta Slim slimming oil that when applied to the fat prone areas starts reducing the deposited fat. One can have clear benefits of using the product. Not only reducing fat and providing proper shape to your body, this formula also helps in treating the problems of High Blood Pressure and diabetes. The product is 100% natural, thermogenic, and free from ephedrine. It contains various herbal ingredients such as green tea extract, bitter orange extract, ginger root, yerba mate and cayenne pepper. This product helps you in losing the weight.

How Meta Slim works?
With the use of Meta slim slimming formula the extra fat of the body starts melting down providing right shape to the body. Meta Slim improves your digestive system cutting down the untimely habits of eating extra food. The product contains such ingredients through which body loses its power of making fat and controls obesity.

How to use?
It is important to follow complete procedure to have the best results in you. Take 1-2 teaspoons of Meta slim daily with lukewarm water before sleeping. Along with that, message with the Meta Slim slimming oil at the fat prone areas for good results. Follow this procedure for about 2 months and see the wonders.

Each 100 ml. contains: Trifla (40.0 gms.), Vaividang (15.0 gms.), Nagarmotha (22.0 gms.),Ajwain (7.0 gms.), Arjun (7.0 gms.), Pippali (7.0 gms.), Sendhav 2.0 gms.

Package Contains:
1.  2 bottels of powder-175 gm each
2.  2 bottels of oil-175 ml each

To place an order from Pakistan Dial Now 03214115583 or E mail us at order@cyberteleshop.com



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