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You must have encountered a situation that you are getting late at your work and when you go out your home, then you forget to close the gallery door and that opened door gets flies and bugs from outside of the home to the inside. It is a quite a tiresome job to kill or gets out all the flies from your home. In order to lessen the worries of customers, Pakistan has come up with a new product of its kind as the Magic Mesh.

The Magic Mesh is basically a thin sheet of polyester that features eighteen magnets. This sheet needs to be placed on the border area of the door. All the magnets that are placed designed to close the meshing sheet instantly as someone enters or leave the house from that door. This flexible sheet instantly closes and it prevents the entry of flies and other flying or crawling insects into the house.

This Magic Mesh is crafted from durable and flexible material that allows the easy bending of sheet as per the requirement. If you have the pet, then this sheet would also allow the easier entry of pets without any problem. One of the main advantages of this sheet is that the tiny holes of the sheet not only prevented the entry of flies into the house, but it also helps to minimizing the suffocation by allowing the entry of fresh air into the house.

The Magic Mesh is made from durable polyester and it can be easily washed the mesh with the help of soft cloth. You can also use the mild detergent for the cleaning of the hard stains that doesn’t remove by using the dry cloth. The Magic Mesh is marketed in Pakistan by the Pakistan. All you have to do is to dial the number 0333-4115583 to place an order for this useful product.


  1. First of all; you have to manually clean the surface of the magic mesh by using any soft cloth
  2. Now, you have to merge the two sheets of the magic mesh together so that both sheets meet perfectly.
  3. Now you have to place the 18 magnets at the designated places
  4. Now apply all the adhesives that you received with the package
  5. Done!

Additional Specifications:

  1. Instantly closes and opens as someone enters or leave the house
  2. Hassle-free operation
  3. Crafted from durable polyester
  4. Easy to install and store
  5. Dimensions: 80 x 19 x 38 Inches
  6. Weight: 0.44 KG

Package Contains:

1 x Magic Mesh with installation material


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