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Portable Cabinet



The creativity of the limited space – First time in pakistan korean style DIY portable cabinet / shoe rack

Portable Cabinet uses the PP environmental protection material. It is Moisture proof, dust-proof, demolition, can be free assemble, easy to clean can be used such as toiletries shelf, simple and beautiful. Interlocks, free ideas, assembled into a variety of heights and shapes to meet different styles of home decoration. A very practical, versatile and sturdy interlocking ‘cube’ shop display unit. The versatile display solution that you can build in a shape and size to fit your own specific display area.This simple, modern display unit is free standing. It is made up from frosted plastic panels which are reinforced with steel frames to make them rigid. You simply push these panels into the strong moulded “multi-directional” brackets provided to make the ‘pigeonhole’ effect.


  1. Translucent and simple in design
  2. No tools / screw are required for assembly
  3. Made from waterproof & grease-proof materials
  4. Suitable for storing clothes, books, toys and more…
  5. Portable and adjustable according to space.
  6. Can sustain load upto 10kgs, thick PP material, stainless steel iron box.

Available colours

  • White
  • Brown


  • Cube                       :  14 inch  x  14 inch x 14 inch
  • Squar panel             :  14” x 14”
  • Squar door panel     :  14” x 14”

Each set includes:

  • Squar Panels          : 32 piece  
  • Squar Door pannel  : 09 piece
  • Connectors             : 32 piece
  • Note: 09 complete boxs with door can be made from above mention material quantity in 1 set.


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