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Ab Rocket is a innovative and revolutionary exercise It’s never too late to develop those super six-pack abs or that eye catching bikini body midriff!  With the exciting new Ab Rocket, the dull sit-up routine that never worked becomes easy, fun and very effective in sculpting your new midsection!   Remember the neck strain and pain with your old fashioned sit-ups?  How about the struggle to lift your upper torso to complete the exercise?
With the AB Rocket, just sit, lean on the back rest and rock back.  Your neck and back are supported while the contoured back rest provides resistance while you press backwards.  Your abs are working against the resistance as you go back, then the Ab Rocket provides gentle assistance as you complete the difficult forward movement.  No more struggling to get to an upright sitting position or pulling your head forward to help you get there!  The cushioned rollers on the back rest glide back and forth, enhancing the benefits of your ab workout with a great back massage.
1- Reduced belly fat

2- Improve the appearance of ab muscle definition

3-strengthening core Back

4-Exercise require from 5 to 15 mints per day for effective results

The AB ROCKET System Includes:

  • Ab Rocket Machine
  • Fat Blasting DVD Workouts
  • 1 resistance Cylinders for Advanced users
  • Delicious Low Calorie Meat Plan

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