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Hidden Camera Detector


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If you are looking for a product that can detect the hidden camera, then all you have to do is to purchase the revolutionary Hidden Camera Detector. The Hidden Camera detector is a device designed to find any type of hidden camera in minutes. The device uses five different types of camera detection modes as the Beep, Vibration, LED, headset and Laser.

Out of all these five modes, all the users can adopt any mode as per their mode of requirement. The best thing about the hidden camera detector is that it is very small and lightweight; so all the users can take this device with themselves to anywhere else. The size of the device is so small that even all the users can put this device easily in their shirt pockets.

Now you don’t have to be worry about the placing of any hidden camera, because you can easily find out any hidden camera in minimal effort. The device comes with the rechargeable battery. This battery could easily be charged with the help of wall socket charger. The total charging time of the device could take up to 25-30 minutes in total.

The Hidden Camera Detector could be the ideal device for law enforcement agencies, journalists, detectives and enthusiasts. The device is offered by the Pakistan renowned online Shopping Website as the Cyber Tele Shop. All the users just have to dial the number 0333-4115583 to place the order.

Additional Features of the Hidden Camera Detector:

  1. Versatile device to find any hidden camera
  2. Comes with 5 different detection modes
  3. Indicator of low voltage
  4. Level of sensitivity can be adjusted
  5. Lightweight, compact and portable

Package Includes:

1 x Kit of Hidden Camera Detector

1 x Ear Phone

1 x Wall Socket Charger


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