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WiFi Camera Clock


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We are very to live in this era of modern technology, because this technology has enabled us to secure our homes, office and other valuables more effectively than ever before. There are many devices available in the market that you can use for your purposes. Some devices come in large sizes, while some are in small sizes. The official franchise of Cyber Tele Shop has brought a unique product that will certainly fulfill your purposes. The name of this amazing device is a WiFi Wall Clock.

The Wifi Clock Camera although looks like the ordinary wall clock, but this clock has a secret camera installed that can be used to record secret video footages. The camera can record all the videos in 1080p format, means you can enjoy the true picture clarity with sharp and crystal clear sound. The distinctive feature of this device is that the overall looks and design of this device is just like any other simple wall mounted clock, so nobody could detect that you are using some kind of covert device.

The camera is carefully hidden in the 10 digits and even you cannot detect it easily. The Clock is equipped with the WiFi technology, so all the users can get the real-time view on their tablets or smartphones remotely. All the users just have to find out the device as smartphone or tablet that has the built-in Wi Fi feature and after that they can synchronize the clock with their device. If you want to take the view to another town, district or city; then you just have to configure the device to your home or office WiFi router.

You must be familiar with the motion detection feature, if not, then you should be ready to know the basics. This is so, because the company of the clock also has incorporated this state of the art feature in the wall clock. The clock supports external memory up to 32 GB. It means users do not need to clear the data on the card more often, as this card can easily store hundreds of HD videos in one go.

The versatile camera device doesn’t take charging time longer than the 25 minutes in total. The device is accompanied by a dedicated USB cable. This cable can be used to charge the clock and to get access to the stored data in the memory card. All the users have to install the P2P Live Cam App. This app can easily find on both the android Store and Apples Store.

The Wifi clock camera is fully compatible with popular internet browsers as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. This unique device could be installed in almost all living places as homes, offices, restaurants, etc. You can easily get this clock just by calling at the number 0333-4115583.

How to Operate and use the WiFi Wall Clock:

  1. In the first step; you have to ensure that the charging of the device is complete
  2. In the next step, users have to install the P2P Live Cam APP on their tablet or smartphone
  3. Now, you have to synchronize the wall clock with the smartphone if they want to get the view in the limited area. All the users can also get the view on remote locations just by synchronizing the device with the Wi Fi router that you normally used in homes and offices
  4. After that you can enjoy the true picture quality right on the display screen of your devices
  5. Finished!

Additional Features of the Wall Clock:

  1. Wall Clock with Wi Fi feature with hidden camera
  2. Looks like the normal wall hanging watch
  3. Motion detection feature
  4. Slot for memory card
  5. P2P function

Technical Specifications of the Device:

  1. Video Resolution: 1080p
  2. Format of Video: AVI
  3. Card Slot: Yes
  4. Battery Capacity: 1800mAh

Package Includes:

1 x Clock Camera Wi Fi

1 x USB Charger

1 x Cable

1 x Instruction Manual in English


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