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Air Bike – Elliptical


People start training and left it in between because of the fact that their body cannot keep up with the resistance provided by the nature. The lower fitness levels always discourage people that they cannot indulge in rigorous exercise. The feelings of inferiority and perceived inability to keep up with the daily routines courtesy to tougher conditions to do exercise. Now the question is can we become fit enough from day one to carry all the exercise routines in a stream, the answer is an obvious NO!

The second thing which we can do is to change the conditions for exercise. Now ask yourself, can the conditions be changed? You will be surprised to know that yes it can be done thanks to technologically advanced elliptical exercise machine.

Air bike elliptical is a device which work very much like treadmill but with some exceptional features and qualities. It’s a stimulant which make you feel like running on natural crust and climbing stairs in real time. The stair climbing feature is so true that it creates the illusion of actual stair climbing.

Telebrands’ air bike elliptical machine is of original quality and comes with market competitive price. The stair climbing and running machine is an expert x trainer. The elliptical trainer is famous because of its ability to provide people with the opportunity of climbing stairs and running without resistance for a longer period of time.

Salient features of Telebrands’ stair climbing or elliptical trainer

  • It is low resistance machine which means it empowers you to perform exercise tasks like running, jogging and stair climbing without the fear of injuries.
  • It is expert in targeting the leg muscles.
  • It has a screen on top which shows which muscles are being targeting during exercise. The precore cross ramp technology enable you to set the angle of your choice from 1 to 40 degrees.
  • The advanced precore smart rate inform you about your heart rate by just grabbing the touch sensor installed below the hand leavers or you can wear your own test straps to cautiously monitor your heart rate.

How to use Telebrands stair climbing and running machine

  • First of all, put your foot on the lower paddle and climb up by holding the stationery.
  • Secondly, start peddling manually in beginning and then press start button on your machine.
  • Now you can have your exercise by holding the hand leavers. The hand leavers enable you to put pressure of the upper body and provide your body source of power other than legs.
  • You can also set the different exercise modes such as weight loss, interval or variety depending on your choice. The functions can be performed by clicking on the buttons on the left side of the display.
  • To alter your resistance level, you can press the air button in the middle of your screen.
  • At the end of exercise, you need to press pause button to stop the machine.




Frame Type Six Star Certified Front Drive


Stride maximum Length 45.7 cm / 18
Flywheel 7 kg /  15.4 lbs.

Oversized  Footpads

Step-on Height 22.9 cm / 9
Pedal Spacing 4.3 cm / 1.7


Display Type 5.6 LCD with Profile Display and Fully Customizable Feedback Windows
Workout Feedback Time- Distance- Speed, Calories-Heart Rate- Resistance Level and Watts
Programs 9 Programs (Manual-Speed Intervals-Peak Intervals- Cardio Burn- Muscle Toner, Peak Descent-Nature Trail-Constant Watts and HRC)
Heart rate sensor Yes
Wireless Heart Rate Receiver Yes
Speakers MP3 Compatible Speakers, Audio in Jacks
Energy Saver system Yes
High Quality Fan Yes

Resistance System

Resistance System ECB Magnetic Brake
Power Requirements Adapter
Resistance Levels 16 Electronically Adjustable

Tech specifications

Dimensions of product 187 x 62 x 168 cm / 74 x 24 x 66
Product Weight 71 kg / 156 lbs.
Maximum Weight Capacity 136 kg / 300 lbs.



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