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Manual Air Pump



The Manual Air Pump is actually an Air pump with a handle to draws air into any inflatable object. The Manual air pump comes with a handle with a grip. This handle helps to draw the air in 5 in 1 sofa cum bed, inflatable chair or inflatable swimming pool with minimal effort. The overall shape of the manual air pump resembles the same pump which you normally used to inflate the tires of your bicycle.

The Intex Manual Air pump comes three different nozzles which fit to almost all types of inflatable products that are available in the market.  For more convenience, the intex air pump comes with three different sizes small, medium and large. The size defines the air capacity of the pump. With the small size pump, you need to do a lot of effort to inflate any object, while the same effort could be reduced considerably by using the medium and large size manual pumps.

The best thing about the large size air pump is that it can draw large quantity of air in one go, so you can inflate any object in considerably less amount of time. The best thing about the air pump is that they can be used to almost anywhere else. For instance, you can take this pump to picnic and other outdoor activities.

The Manual Air Pump could be the ideal and portable solution to inflate almost any object. This pump is offered by the platform of the Cyber Tele Shop. If you have already made your mind to purchase this product, then you can get this product just by calling to 0333-4115583.

Additional Features of Manual Air Pump:

  1. Multipurpose manual pump to inflate any object
  2. Comes in three different sizes
  3. Accompanied by three different size nozzles
  4. Can also be used on the go
  5. Perfect for picnic, cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities


The price of Small Size Manual Air Pump is 500 PKR

The price of Medium Size Manual Air Pump is 750 PKR

The price of Large Size Manual Air Pump is 1000 PKR

Package Includes:

1 x Manual Air Pump with three different nozzles


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