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Pallet Racks


Steel racks are now a day’s are very common in Pakistan, Pallet rack system is one of them. These Racks are also known as skids and selective racks as stock placed on every single pallet and are accessible by fork lifters, trucks or lifting device. Height of these racks is dependent on fork lifter, nature of product to be stored and the height of warehouse itself.

These racks also played a vital role in stock management as it allows business management to utilize available floor space in efficient manner. This system is also considered as a viable alternative of building and leasing of additional space. Previously Pallet racks were manufactured from structural steel which very similar to that building columns but now these racks are fabricated with rolled form steel. These racks are mainly suitable for warehouses, manufacturing units, Retail centers, storage centers and Distribution centers.

Technical specifications:

  • Pillar thickness = 14 gauge
  • Rack standard height = 6 foot (3 shelves)
  • shelves deck thickness = 20 gauge
  • Powder coated color Finishing
  • shelve width = 6 foot
  • Beam thickness = 16 gauge
  • shelve depth = 3 foot
  • shelve thickness = 8 inch


6 Foot Pallet Rack  (3 shelves) = Pk. Rs. 42,000

9 Foot Pallet Rack  (4 shelves) = Pk. Rs. 56,000



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