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Laptop Table T8



This is a fact that the overall usage of laptop became so popular in a last decade or so and because of this reason, each 5/10 persons in this world owned their laptop. When it comes to the benefits, then you cannot simply count these benefits on your finger. The main problem laptop owners from around the world faced is that the laptop gets heat up when placed in a one location for several hours. This heat not only affects the performance of the laptop, but it can also affect the physical components of the processor. Now this problem can effectively be removed by using the Laptop Table T8.

The Laptop Table T8 is an ergonomically designed laptop designed to dissipate the heat of the laptop from the laptop. This smartly designed convertible laptop table is equipped with dual USB fans. Both of the fans are located in a place that automatically faces the lower portion of any tablet and this is the portion that releases heat of any laptop. Both of these fans are powered by the USB cable which you need to insert in the USB port of your computer.

The Laptop Table T8 is equipped with rotatable legs that automatically lock on as per the user requirement. You can easily adjust the angle of the laptop table at an angle that suits your body posture. Furthermore, the laptop table comes with a dedicated mouse control tray. This tray can also be adjusted at a height desired by the user. Furthermore, this mouse tray can also be adjusted on both the left and right side of the table without any problem.

The Laptop Table T8 is crafted from high-end aluminum that does not get damaged easily. The laptop table T8 could be regarded as the best option for homes, offices, educational institutes, commercial centers and so on. You can easily place order of this laptop by dialing the number of cyber tele shop at 0333-4115583.

Additional Specs of the Laptop Table T8:

  1. Heavy duty laptop table
  2. Designed from rugged aluminum for durability
  3. Equipped with two high speed USB fans
  4. Foldable
  5. Lightweight
  6. Portable
  7. Features dedicated mouse tray

Designed for Laptop Table T8:

  1. Folding Size: 49 x 28 x 5 cm (Length x Width x Height)
  2. Opening Size: 42 x 27.5 x 48 cm (Length x Width x Height)
  3. Weight: 1780 Grams

Package Contains:

1 x Laptop Table T8


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