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Foot and Calf Massager Warm


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Love the squeez, now feel the warmth. With inspirations from the most pampering warm-spa experience, the new OSIM uSqueez Warm takes leg massage and rejuvenation to the highest level. With innovative Warm Air Technology to soothe tired muscles and improve blood circulation, Foot Rollers to target various health-reflexology points and Squeezing Massagers that totally relax your calves, ankles and feet, all at the same time.

The new OSIM Foot and Calf Massager Warm is simply the most advanced and complete massage you’ll ever experience, to bring warmth, energy and well-being back to your tired feet and legs.

Warm Air Technology
  • Warm Air Technology in uSqueez Warm dilates the blood vessels and increases the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients from the body to the legs to keep them healthy and energised.
  • Melts away tension to allieviate aches, relax sore muscles, reduce softness and provide soothing comfort to the legs.
  • Flushes out lactic acid and re-energises your legs to their natural state.
When switched on, the warm air programme amplifies the benefits of massage to re-energise tired feet when it is used in combination with the squeezing and rolling massage and/or vibration massage programmes.
Roller Reflexology Massage
  • Replicates the push and release technique used by professional reflexologists to activate vital reflex points on your soles.
  • Relieves sore and aching feet and improves your overall health.
The roller reflexology massage is programmed to move in tandem with the wrap-around power squeeze to provide a synchronised massage for the soles of your feet. 
Wrap-Around Power Squeeze
  • Delivers a simultaneous massage to your calves, ankles and feet, tripling the pleasure for maximum effectiveness.
  • Full coverage kneading discs offer extra feel-good squeeze to alleviate muscle aches and strain, providing instant relief to your tired legs.

3 specialised lifestyle programmes to suit your different needs.

1) Recharge:  Firm and sustained squeeze recharges and re-energises extremely tired feet.
2) Revitalise:  Rhythmic progressive squeeze stimulates vital acupressure points for enhanced well-being.
3) Relax:  Smooth continuous squeeze relieves and soothes muscle aches.
Turbo Vibration Massage
  • The uSqueez Warm’s turbo vibration massage stimulates vital acupressure points to improve blood circulation.
  • Penetrates deep into the muscle layers to ease tension and fatigue.

3 different intensities (Auto, HIgh and Low)

When the Auto vibration programme is used in combination with either the Recharge or Revitalise Wrap-Around Power Squeeze programme, it synchronises with the sustained squeeze to deliver an auto-pulsating vibration that soothes extremely tired legs.

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