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Twister Stand (1.5*1.5 inch Pipe )



A number of individuals often look for the ways through which they can eliminate the excess fats in their body. Such individuals often prefer to go for the exercise which involves minimal effort. In order to ease the burden of such individuals, the Cyber Tele Shop has taken an initiative and comes up with an entirely different and new product to lessen the tummy as the Twister stand.

The Twister stand actually works on the principle of the twister plate on which you have to stand and move your body on clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for multiple times at regular intervals. The main difference in twister stand that it has a dedicated stand and all the users have to hold the stand during the exercise. This stand helps in efficient and uninterrupted exercise as the user does not need to hold any other thing during exercise.

The Twister Stand also sometimes referred to as the Cardio Twister. The Twister stand is made from the highest graded materials that ensure its stability. All you have to do is to stand on the twister plate and hold firmly the handle of the machine. Now you just have to move your body in anti-clockwise and clockwise direction at regular intervals.

The Twister Stand could prove to be best exercise option for all those individuals who do not have separate time to go to the gym. This exercise machine is marketed in Pakistan by the PAKISTAN franchise of the Cyber Tele Shop. You just have to dial the number 0300-4252400 from your mobile number to place an order of this product.

Additional Features of the Twister Stand:

  1. Versatile and easy exercise machine
  2. Comes with a dedicated stand
  3. Made from the durable material
  4. Hard and sturdy design
  5. Requires less space in a home or gym

Package Contains:

1 x Twister Stand


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