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Air O Dry



The Air-O-Dry is so convenient, so easy to use, so affordable, and so necessary. Soon every household will have one. Because of the gentle blow-drying convection technology, the Air O Dry is a must for drying hand-wash-only delicates such as baby clothes and silks. It’s also ideal for wools and suit jackets. You’ll save a fortune in dry-cleaning bills. You can even use it for leathers and shoes and when you’re done, just fold it up. It becomes so compact you can even travel with it.

The inexpensive Air O Dry is perfect for apartments or studios with no room for in-house appliances, camping trips, college dorms and, of course, it’s great for people who already have a dryer at home but need to take advantage of quick, shrink-free, wrinkle-free, iron-free drying.

Order right now and we’ll include a handy carry-bag for easy storage or for traveling and two special practical hangers —one standard and one round— for a wide variety of uses.

The Air-O-Dry will solve more problems than you would ever imagine. It will pay for itself in no time.The Air O Dry will make your life so much easier.

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Special Features:

  • Fast dry without spin drying damage
  • No wear, no shrinkage, no wrinkles
  • Suitable for any kind of fabric
  • Ideal for delicate clothes
  • Space saving
  • Also dries shoes, caps, hats, gloves, leathers and more
  • Full capacity dryer that fits into a handbag
  • No need to iron, no messy hand dry

Package includes:

  • The Air-O-Dry
  • Electric air blower
  • A handy carry-bag FREE
  • Two special hangers (one standard and one round) FREE


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