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Digital QURAN Pen



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Digital Quran Pen is an assistive reading device that is designed for Muslims / non-Muslims learning to recite the Holy QURAN. It includes built-in speaker, headphones and a Holy QURAN book. QURAN Reader Pen uses a unique technology that scans and pronounces QURAN Page / Sura / Aya from a printed QURAN. This powerful tool fits in a pocket and has an intuitive, friendly interface

Main Features:

  • 3 complete voice recitations of Holy Quran by Al-Afasy, Ajmi, Abdul Basit.
  • 7 complete Translation Voices ( mainly English, Urdu, farsi, pashto)
  • Complete Holy Quran Book in well printed Othmani font on precious paper with beautiful cover.
  • Pen reader can read any page, Sura or Aya by only touching the text in the Holy Qur’an Book.
  • Simple and easy way for people with reading difficulties, learning disabilities or dyslexia to get immediate word support when they are reciting.
  • Perfect for those who want to learn how to Recite (Read) Holy Quran without a teacher especially for non-Arabic People.
  • With the help of Read Pen, children and adults can conveniently recite Holy Quran anywhere any time.
  • With this new breakthrough technology, the Recitation is easy & Holy Quran learning process is accelerated!

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