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3D Auto Umbrella


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Car is not amongst the cheapest items, so they also require good care all the time. In a bid to facilitate the car owners, Online Shopping PAK has taken a step further and brings you the state of the art gadget specifically for the cars as the 3D Auto Umbrella. As the name suggests, the 3D Car Umbrella is a car mounted umbrella designed to protect the car from sunlight, dust, dirt, bird’s droppings and harsh climatic conditions.

The 3D Umbrella helps to protect your car from foreign elements by adding a barrier between your car and surroundings. In one way, this barrier can also be termed as the ultimate protecting sheet that protects your car from foreign elements as the acidic rains, leaves, dust particles and so on. All you have to do is to mount and open the umbrella on the top of your car to make it work and that’s all.

One of the attractive things about the Online Shopping PAKISTAN 3D Auto Umbrella is that it covers more than 90% area of your car. So, you do not have to worry about moving the umbrella in to and fro direction to cover your car. This umbrella is designed to use on the cars when stopped or parked. It is not recommended to use on car during running.

The 3D Auto Umbrella is crafted from highest quality material that ensures its durability for years plus all the materials used in the fabrication of this tool is very soft and it doesn’t put any impact on the surface or paint of the car. The total deploying time of the 3D Auto Umbrella is less than 60 seconds. It means you can easily deploy the umbrella within a minute, if need arises.

For storage purposes, the 3D Auto Umbrella can be folded and stored in the car’s trunk. The 3D Auto Umbrella will definitely serve its due purpose and that’s for sure. This fantastic car gadget is marketed in Pakistan by the Online Shopping PAK. All you have to do is to pick your mobile phone and call at the number 0333-4115583 to get this exciting gadget.

Additional Specifications of the 3D Auto Umbrella:

  1. Quick and Instant Car Parking Solution
  2. Made from finest quality material
  3. Portable
  4. Installation is very easy
  5. Features soft cups for smooth and firmer grip

Technical Specifications:

  1. Folded Size: 8.4 x 8.4 x 33.48 Inches
  2. Unfolded Size: 158 x 82 Inches
  3. Weight: 6.2 KGs

What is in the Box?

1 x 3D Auto Umbrella with installation units


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