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Tolsen 10021 Long Nose Plier


If you are planning to buy quality tools from the market, then perhaps the ideal store for such shopping is the franchise of the Cyberteleshop. The company has got the complete range of different types of tools under its hood as the Tolsen 10021 Long Nose Plier.

The Tolsen 10021 Long Nose Plier is a plier with a long nose with a total opening length of 6″ or 160 mm in total. The tools can be used to undertake a variety of mechanical or electrical maintenance jobs in considerably less amount of time. The tool is equipped with ergonomic handle for firm gripping purposes.

Specs of the Tolsen 10021 Long Nose Plier:

  1. Quality long nose plier
  2. Features ergonomic handle
  3. Features PP card packing
  4. Chromium black finish

Package Contains:

1 x Tolsen 10021 Long Nose Plier


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