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Mobile Zoom Lens



As you now that your mobile camera lens can zoom up to the specific limit but with the help of our latest device “Mobile zoom lens” you can take stunning pictures and make you own creative world with some additional zooming feature. Its unique design allows you to use this tool with any mobile or device so that you can make your pictures on the go. With the help of this lens you can capture “square picture” with 8x additional zoom in the same way as you can take picture with mobile in normal mode and with the help of universal clip and screw type cap you can attach this lens on any device. Just you need to attach clip with lens and set on your phone.

Mobile Zoom lens Package includes:

  • 8x binocular Lens  
  • one universal clip
  • Screw type cap for lens

Special Features of Mobile zoom lens:

  • 8x zoom
  • High quality glass for zooming.
  • High quality aluminum to restrain from rust and damage.
  • Wide angle that helps to capture distance objects easily.


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