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Invisible Bra



In the recent era, all the modern women want to use that kind of bra that not only help them in the home or office, but also during the exercise. As the need of modern women arises, that also put an end to the using of traditional or conventional bra. Now you do not have to lose hope, as luckily there is a one kind of bra that you can use for your purpose as the Invisible bra by the Cyber Tele Shop.

The Invisible Bra is presented to you by the Pakistan’s biggest online eCommerce store, Cyber Tele Shop. As the name clearly indicates the invisible bra is an adhesive strapless bra that is totally different from the traditional bra’s often used by a majority of women worldwide. One of the biggest feature of this bra is that it doesn’t come with any strap; means no other person could judge that you are using some kind of bra, from where it get its name, Invisible.

The Invisible Bra is placed on the breasts with the adhesiveness. All you have to do is to remove the protective adhesive cover of the bra and after that you can place it on your body as per your desire. The overall installation and removal of this bra is quite less than the time required by the traditional bra. Unlike the conventional bra, the invisible bra is tailored from the soft and comfy fabric that doesn’t affect the skin even after the long hour’s usage.

Another immaculate feature of this bra that it can uplift the breasts, so all the women who wanted to remain in the spotlight should not miss this important point. Please note that the adhesiveness of the bra could lessen after multiple usage, so you should not neglect this important point. This Bra is presented to you by the official PAKISTAN CyberTeleShop.com. You can easily place an order just by logging into the website.

Additional Specs of the Invisible Bra:

  1. Contemporary adhesive bra
  2. Features strapless design
  3. Don’t leave marks on the body after usage
  4. Help to uplift the breasts
  5. Portable, lightweight and comfortable

Package Contains:

1 x Invisible Bra


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