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A number of individuals are of the view that the main cause of major diseases is obesity. The only solution for this problem is exercise. When it comes to exercise, then there are lots of options available in this regard. The Cyber Tele Shop has also a huge range of exercise products under one roof. Today, the company has come up with a unique exercise machine as the Easy Exerciser.

The Easy Exerciser is a pedal exercise machine designed to burn the fats. The main principle of this exercise machine is just like the pedal cycle. The main difference in this product is that this product has to be placed on a floor and it hasn’t any wheels. All the users can use their feet to do the pedal exercise machine. The best thing about this machine is that all the individuals can exercise on this machine while working on the computer, watching TV and so on.

The Easy Exercise machine is perhaps the ideal machine for the muscles of neck, arms, shoulder and leg. The base of the machine is made from the finest quality materials that doesn’t damaged easily. All the diabetic patients can also use this machine to maintain their blood glucose level. The machine is offered under the franchise of the Cyber Tele Shop.

How to use the Easy Exerciser?

  1. In the first step; you have to place this machine on the floor of your room or lounge. You must place the machine in the proper balanced position
  2. In the next step; you have to sit on a proper length chair
  3. Now you can perform exercise as per your requirement

Additional Features:

  1. Versatile exercise machine
  2. Helps to improve the blood circulation
  3. Adjustable level of resistance
  4. Stylish design

Technical Specifications:

  1. Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 12 x 11” (L x W x H)
  2. Weight of Product: .2500 Grams

Package Includes:

1 x Easy Exerciser


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