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Wall Rack System


Steel racks in Pakistan, has been used increasingly now a days which bring products display to the new level. This type of display steel racks are very similar to that of gondola racks the only difference is of single sided shelving. These racks are usually placed with walls. Two types of gondola wall racks are available in market one that can stand on floor independently and 2nd one needs little help of wall. 2nd type of gondola wall rack is economical as compared to 1st one.

The Wall Rack System has been so ingeniously designed that it can be installed in a matter of hours without any substantial dislocation of business. All units, shelves and fittings are interchangeable, and can be assembled with ease and speed. The Wall Rack System is ideally suited for use in a wide range of retail outlets including pharmacies, supermarkets, bottle stores, cafe’s and hardware stores.

Technical specifications:

  • Lever thickness = 14 gauge
  • Pillar sheet thickness = 14 gauge
  • shelves thickness = 21 gauge
  • Back sheet thickness = 24 gauge
  • Made by: M.S sheet
  • Powder coated color Finishing
  • shelve standard width : 3 foot



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