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Zapp Light – Insect Killer



This is a bitter truth that a lot of individuals don’t want to be in the company of the mosquitoes, because they are extremely dangerous and they carry hazardous disease. Thanks to the advancement in the modern science, now you can use a product of its kind that can really help you in killing these tiny creatures. The name of this useful gadget is the Zapplight.

The Zapplight is a killer light designed to kill mosquitoes. It consists of two bright lights, as one of the light is used to kill mosquitoes; while the other is used to provide adequate lighting in the room or backyard. The light designed to kill mosquitoes has a blue color UV light that is protected by the meshing to avoid the touching of finger by humans.

This bulb gives enough light to illuminate the whole room without any problem. You just have the option to use the both lights or you can switch to any one light you wanted. This light could be the best option to install in homes, offices, commercial centers and so on.

One of the biggest advantages of the Zapplight is that it doesn’t use any hazardous chemicals to kill the mosquitoes, so it is completely safe as compared to those pesticides which have hazardous reactions towards the user. This dual bulb is designed to install in both indoor and outdoor environments without any problem. With the help of this mosquito killing light, now you do not need to look for other alternatives to get rid of this annoying creature.

The bulb works only with 110 voltages, so you do not have to worry about the problem of high electricity bills each month. This unique gadget is marketed in Pakistan under the banner of the Cyber Tele Shop. You can easily place an order for this product by log on to the official website of the CyberTeleShop.com. Alternatively, you can also place orders on the phone by calling to the number 0333-4115583, simple is that.

Additional Specs of the Zapplight:

  1. Versatile gadget to kill mosquitoes without any chemical
  2. Consists of dual led lights
  3. Easy to install and remove
  4. Lightweight and portable
  5. Designed to install on both indoor and outdoor environments

Technical Specs of the Zapplight:

  1. Dimensions: 8.25 x 5.75 x 3.25 Inches (L x W x H)
  2. Weight: 0.26 Kg

Package Contains:

1 x Zapplight

1 x Instruction Manual


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