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Upright Bike comfort



If you are looking for a mean which can help you performing your exercise with a lots of ease, then this is the product you would definitely check out. The fitness problems some time leads to long term injuries followed by immediate start of exercise out of raw commitment to lose the weight in days. The passion and devotion comes to an end when we realize that we cannot undertake the exercise continuously caused by fitness problems.

The devotion and decisive commitment can be transferred into reality thanks to assistance of our comfort 3. The comfort 3 is ultimate man-made machine which can understand the dynamics of human body and adjust the exercise intensity and patterns accordingly.

Cyberteleshop’s upright bike is a true example of comfort exerciser. The machine is so precisely designed that it feel more of sports than exercise. The groundbreaking innovations and features has turned the device into an entertainment hub. The best thing about the upright bike comfort 3 is that it has turned the weight lose machine into an entertainment hub which makes the machine crazily addictive. The comfort 3 is pioneer in the inception of some trendsetting technologies like comfortable and most natural design, support for your tablet and many more.

Have look at the distinctive features of the Comfort 3

  • It has support for your tablet so to enjoy the big screen and dynamic built in speakers.
  • The machine have well aligned handle which provide you enjoy the multiple positions given your ease and comfort.
  • The step through design let you be on your exercise seat without any hassle.
  • The design of upright bike allows you to use towel and water bottle which lies well in your reach.
  • Another feature which shows our commitment with our customers that machine has an energy saving system which put console on sleep mode after the 15 minutes.
  • The built in wireless system notes your heart beat rate and display it on large 5.5” display right in the middle of the machine handle.

Cyberteleshop’s comfort 3 provide support for fit view. Fit view is a system which let you use a smart watch like ribbon and allows you to share the data on your favorite apps and website.

The upright bike also enables you to enjoy the built in 10 programs which guide you to undertake different exercise modes.




Frame Type Upright
Handlebars Multi-Position Handlebars
Flywheel 7kg/15.4 lbs.
Seat  Upright Seat feel like cycling
Pedals Self-Balancing Pedals with Adjustable Soft straps
Seat Adjustments Vertical & Horizontal
Resistance Systems Magnetic Brake
Power Requirement Adapter


Extras Smart Device Rack-Towel Hook- Anti-Skid Cup Holder


Display Type 5.5 LCD
Display Feedback Time, Distance, Calories, Speed, RPM, Resistance Level, Heart Rate, Watts, Cardio Compass HR Display and Profile
Programs 10 Programs (Manual- Intervals-Game- Weight Loss,-Rolling Hills- Cadence, Random- Constant Watts,-THR Zone and Custom)
Contact Heart Rate Grips Yes
Polar Wireless Heart Rate Receiver Yes
Speakers Sonic Surround Speakers
Resistance Levels 16 Electronically Adjustable

Tech Specs

Overall Dimensions 120 x 55 x 135 cm / 47 x 22 x 53
Product Weight 37 kg / 82 lbs.
User Weight Capacity 136 kg / 300 lbs.


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