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Treadmill Oxygen 21c


Oxygen Treadmill

Oxygen Treadmill are designed to help users perform simple exercises like walking, jogging, running and even hill climbing. Exercising on a  Electric treadmill is a great way to burn calories, improve cardiovascular healthy increase energy level’s and build bone density. you go only as fast as you Wish . If you want slow, it slows. If you want stop, it stops . Buy this product exclusively from Cyberteleshop.

Don’t use heavy electric appliances/equipment on UPS or Generators to avoid electric shocks risk. (Use stabilizers for smooth current flow)Don’t violate the max user weight capacity in case of exercise machines and workout equipment.Don’t use home use appliances/equipment on commercial basis.Don’t use treadmill/running machines more than 40 minutes continuously to avoid excess load on motor. Give your equipment rest for 1 hour in case of extra usage.Clean and use “Silicon Oil” below area of belts in treadmill/running machines to lower friction effects. (After every 2 weeks)Get your treadmill/running machine fully serviced by an expert after every 3 months. Buy this product exclusively from Cyberteleshop


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