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Tolsen Wire Stripping Pliers


If you are related to any type of electrical industry, then perhaps the most important tools which you need frequently is the Tolsen Wire Stripping Pliers. This tool is presented to you by the PAKISTAN’s No.1 e-Commerce Store, Cyberteleshop.

The Tolsen Wire Stripping Pliers, as the name indicates, is a highest quality plier designed for the stripping of wires. The Tolsen Wire Stripping Pliers is made from the forged steel for durability purposes and the handle of the plier is equipped with a dual layer plastic that ensures smooth gripping even for long hour operations.

Additional Specs of the Tolsen Wire Stripping Pliers:

  1. Quality Wire Stripping Pliers
  2. Made from the forged steel
  3. Nickel finish
  4. Bi-color durable plastic handle
  5. Packed in blister packing

Package Contains:

1 x Tolsen Wire Stripping Pliers


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