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Tolsen Bent Nose Pliers


If you are looking for a quality mechanical tool from the market, then you don’t have to pay extra money; as your ideal tools are offered by PAKISTAN’s largest eCommerce store, Cyberteleshop. Today, the company comes with a new tool of its kind as the Tolsen Bent Nose Pliers.

The Tolsen Bent Nose Pliers, as indicated, is a plier with a bent nose. This plier can be used to do tasks which cannot be done by using the ordinary straight head pliers. The Tolsen Bent Nose Plier is made from the quality forged steel and the handle of the plier is coated with dual layer plastic handle.

Additional Features of the Tolsen Bent Nose Pliers:

  1. Quality bent nose plier
  2. Made from the top class forged steel
  3. Nickel finish
  4. Equipped with dual layer plastic handle

Package Contains:

1 x Tolsen Bent Nose Pliers


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