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Tolsen 3 Pieces Pliers Set


If you are planning to buy mechanical tools at affordable rate from the market, then the ideal store for this purpose is the Cyerteleshop. The official franchise of the Cyberteleshop feels proud to offer set of different mechanical tools at an affordable price. The name of this tool is Tolsen 3 Pieces Pliers Set.

The Tolsen 3 Pieces Pliers Set, as indicated, is a set of three pieces of different handheld mechanical tools. These 3 pieces of tools including the Combination Pliers, Diagonal Cutting Plier and Long Nose plier. All of these pliers are packed in a beautiful blister packing.

Additional Specs of the Tolsen 3 Pieces Pliers Set:

  1. Set of three pliers
  2. Combination plier
  3. Long nose plier
  4. Diagonal cutting plier
  5. Manufactured from forged steel

Package Consist of:

1 x Long Nose Plier 6 Inches

1 x Diagonal Cutting Plier 6 Inches

1 x Combination Pliers 7 Inches


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