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Tolsen 10061 Bolt Cutter 18 Inches


The franchise of the Cyberteleshop has got the complete range of industrial tools in its inventory. If you are looking to purchase any type of heavy duty tool, then look not other than the franchise of the Cyberteleshop for this purpose. The name of the tools company wants to introduce today named as the Tolsen 10061 Bolt Cutter 18 Inches.

The Tolsen 10061 Bolt Cutter 18 Inches, as indicated, is a heavy-duty and industrial grade bolt cutting tools designed to cut the large bulky bolts with minimal effort. The tool is accompanied by a non-slip handle for added safety and comfort purposes.

Features of the Tolsen 10061 Bolt Cutter 18 Inches:

  1. Heavy duty bolt cutter
  2. Features maximum opening length of 450 mm
  3. Features a black chromium finish
  4. Packed by drawing a box

Box Contains:

1 x Tolsen 10061 Bolt Cutter 18 Inches


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