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Stanley STPP7502 750 Watt 2 mm Planer


If you are an interior designer or carpenter, then you wouldn’t find any more useful tools than the franchise of the Cyberteleshop PAKISTAN. The company has got a new product of its kind that will definitely help to ease your burden. The name of the tools is Stanley STPP7502 750 Watt 2 mm Planer.

The Stanley STPP7502 750 Watt 2 mm Planer, as the name indicates, is a wood planer designed to significantly reduce the rough edges of the wooden material. The machine is packed with a monster-sized 750 watt motor that rapidly reduces all the traces of rough edges in considerably less amount of time and with minimal effort. The total weight of the machine is less than the 3 Kilograms in total, so you can easily hold and use the machine to complete your task.

Technical Specifications of the Stanley STPP7502 750 Watt 2 mm Planer:

  1. Total Power Input of the Machine: 750 Watt
  2. Maximum Depth of Cut: 2 mm
  3. Rebating Depth of the Machine: 12 mm
  4. No Load Speed of the Machine: 16,500 RPM
  5. Width of the Planer: 29 mm
  6. Shoe Length: 82 mm
  7. Weight of the Wood Planer Machine: 2.8 Kilograms

Package Contains:

1 x Stanley STPP7502 750 Watt 2 mm Planer

1 x Parallel Fence

1 x Wrench

1 x Dust Bag

1 x VAV Adapter

2 x TCT Blades


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