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Slice O Matic Manual Slicer



Do you often prefer to cook in your home in your free time, but you want to lessen the pre-cooking time? Are you getting bored from cutting the vegetables and other edibles in the required size each day to complement your cooking recipe? Are you scared each time you use a knife to cut the vegetables that might hurt your fingers? If answer of these entire questions is yes; then there is nothing to worry, because the official Cyber Tele Shop Pakistan franchise has come up with a product that will certainly do magic to lessen your pre and post cooking time. The name of this versatile product is Slice O Matic.

The Slice O Matic is basically a manual slice that can precisely cuts different types of fruits and vegetables in the astonishingly less amount of time. You can use this slicer to perfectly slice the different type of edible which usually takes long time to slice as the carrot, cucumber, radish and so on. The best thing about the Slice O Matic is that is precisely cuts each fruit or vegetable in the same size, so all you will get the same sized edibles for your cooking.

The overall working of the Slice O Matic is quite easy and simple. All you have to do is to put the vegetable in the catch-container and after that you have to slightly press all the vegetables until it finishes nicely. All the sliced vegetables will then perfectly collected in the transparent jar on which the slicing system is installed.

The Slice O Matic features the stainless steel blades for precise and speedy cutting. The blades of this manual slicer is so sharp that it instantly cuts any type of hard edibles in the blink of a second. Another unmatched feature of this manual slicer is that it gives you an option to adjust the thickness of the vegetables or fruits that needed to be sliced. This feature is immaculate and unmatched than the other hand-operated slicers that are available in the market.

The Slice O Matic could be the perfect addition to homes, hotels, restaurants, cooking schools and culinary institutes. This versatile product is presented to you by the not other than the official Pakistan franchise of the Cyber Tele Shop.

Additional Specs of the Slice O Matic:

  1. Unique hand-operated slicing machine
  2. Overall usage of the machine is quite easy
  3. Thickness of the edibles can easily be adjusted according to the requirement
  4. Features transparent jar to collect the sliced edibles
  5. Portable and lightweight

Technical Specs of the Slice O Matic:

  1. Dimensions: 5.90 x 13.80 x 5.5 Inches (L x W x H)
  2. Weight: 0.5 Kilograms

Package Contains:

1 x Narrow Julienne Blades

1 x Wide Julienne Blades

 1 x Easy Catch Container

1 x Top Cover with Easy Glide Handle

1 x Bottom Container


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