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Shaver 7 in 1



Shaving is a sensitive process and it requires not only a precision, but it should be safe for the user. There is a huge range of different shavers that are available in the market. Some of them are as manual, while others are as electrical or automatic. The Cyber Tele Shop now brings you the one product of its kind that will definitely fulfill your purpose as the Electric Braun Shaver 7 in 1.

As the name indicates, the Braun Shaver 7 in 1 is an electric shaver that consists of 7 different pieces of different tools for shaving. This electric shaver is a wonderful shaver that gently removes all the hair from the body with quite precision. The best thing about the Braun electric shaver is that it removes all the unwanted hair from the body without causing damage to the delicate skin.

Another distinctive feature of the Braun Electric Shaver 7 in 1 is that it can remove all the unwanted hair from the body in one single go. The Shaver comes with seven different accessories for trim including the nose trimmer. One of the biggest features of this device is that it doesn’t produce any rashes on the skin during or after removing the skin, like the case with the other electric shaver that are available in the market.

Additional Features of Braun Electric Shaver 7 in 1:

  1. Multipurpose Electric Shaver with 7 different attachments
  2. Doesn’t cause any damage on the delicate skin
  3. Rechargeable
  4. Accompanied by Stand

Package Includes:

1 x Braun Electric Shaver Kit

7 x Attachments


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