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Royal Fitness Treadmill 136A



The Royal Fitness Treadmill 136A is another top quality product offered by the one and only official franchise of the Cyber Tele Shop. The franchise has got the complete collection of top quality running machines under one roof. The name of the new product offered by the franchise named as the Royal Fitness Treadmill 136A.

The Royal Fitness Treadmill 136A is equipped with the durable 2 HP powerful motor that is fully capable to bear the maximum user weight up to 100 KG in total. It means all the users who have body weight less or equal to 100 KG can easily use the machine without having any issues at all.

The Royal Fitness Treadmill 136A 1200 features the maximum speed up to 8 Km/Hr that allows the user to easily adjust the speed of the machine as per their convenience. If you desire to purchase this unique, heavy duty and professional grade exercise machine, then all you have to do is to place the order of this machine just by using the online portal of the website of the Cyber Tele Shop.

Additional Specifications of the Royal Fitness Treadmill 136A:

  1. Top quality Royal Fitness Treadmill 136A
  2. Equipped with 2 HP durable motor
  3. Can easily support the maximum user weight up to 100 KG in total
  4. Features 6 level shock absorption system
  5. Features the large track size
  6. Heavy duty
  7. Professional Grade
  8. Reliable

Box Contains:

1 x Royal Fitness Treadmill 136A


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