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Neck Pillow Massager Green



If you often experience the pain around the neck and shoulder areas and not a single option turn out as an effective remedy, then the official franchise of the Cyberteleshop has got something very special under its hood that you will definitely like. The name of this product is Neck Pillow Massager Green.

The Neck Pillow Massager Green, as the name suggests, is a professional grade massager designed to soothe the muscles around should and neck area. The Neck Pillow Massager Green provides invigorating massage that help to calm down the stress muscles of that area. For more convenience, you can also use this massager on your thighs.

The Neck Pillow Massager Green is tailored from the quality velvet fabric. This fabric has chosen carefully to provide ultimate relaxation and comfort during the massage. The Neck Pillow Massager Green is powered by AA batteries, please note that you will not receive the batteries with the package and have to arrange on your own.

The Neck Pillow Massager Green could be the best massager for all individuals suffering from pain around shoulder or neck region. It can also be used by individuals to experience the true massaging action to get them relaxed after spending a tiresome day. You can easily purchase this neck massager from the official franchise of the Cyberteleshop PAKISTAN just by dialing the number 0333.4115583 and 0300.4252400.

Additional Features of the Neck Pillow Massager Green:

  1. Quality massager for neck and shoulder area
  2. Provides massaging with invigorating vibrating function
  3. Powered by Batteries
  4. Can also be used on the thighs
  5. Portable
  6. Lightweight

Package Contains:

1 x Neck Massager Green


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