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INGCO Car Jumper Lead 600 Amp



The INGCO Car Jumper Lead 600 Ampere is a lead designed to provide current to the terminal of the battery. This lead feature 4 clamps and features 2 clamps each side of the lead. Two clamps need to fix to the main battery terminals, while the other two are required to fix on the source that provides electrical current to the battery. Each clamp has a size of 18×10 mm that is more than enough to grip the battery terminals.

The INGCO Car Jumper Leads 600 amp isĀ  the best product to save you from the low battery voltage problem. All the cables are coated with copper that has the total length of 3 meters; means you can use the cable at significant distance from the source. The INGCO Car Jumper Lead 600 Amp is suited to all cars up to 4.5 Liter engine.

The INGCO Car Jumper Lead 600 Amp is presented to you by the franchise of the Cyber Tele Shop. You can easily purchase this product just by calling to a number at 0300.4252400 from your landline or mobile number.

Additional Features of the INGCO Car Jumper Lead 600 Amp:

  1. Multipurpose car jumper leads
  2. Features 3 meter cable length
  3. Cable are coated with copper for added safety and protection
  4. Features 2 clamps on each side
  5. Clamp Size is 18×10 mm

Package Contains:

1 x INGCO Car Jumper Lead 600 Amp


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