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This is an undeniable fact that the one of the biggest problems that all individuals faced in one way or another is slippage in washroom. It is almost impossible to balancing on one foot in the slippery tiles flooring of a washroom. The sudden slippage can result into fracture of bones and it may even lead to breakage. This scenario is difficult to overcome, especially with the ordinary washroom slippers. The Cyber Tele Shop has now brought you a unique product of its kind that can protect you from such sudden slipping. The name of the product is Easy Feet.

The Easy Feet is basically a sandal-shaped device that features a multiple non-slip cups on the bottom of the feet. These no-slip cups will stick to any surface no matter how much slippery the surface is. The best thing about the no-slip cups is that it automatically sticks to any surface regardless if the surface is dry or wet. These pairs of slippers will help you to stay calm at one place in a washroom without any problem or hassle.

The Easy Feet also feature the more than thousand bristles and a scrub stone. The main purpose of these bristles is to thoroughly clean all the surface of your feet. It means you can enjoy the luxurious home spa treatment right in your washroom. Moreover, the easy feet also feature the pumice scrub stone. The basic purpose of this stone is to clean the all those areas which cannot be cleaned by using the bristles. In order to use the scrub stone, you just have to rub your foot in side by side and forward and back direction.

This product will not only clean your foot, but it will help to massage your feet as well. This product can easily be used by individuals of all ages. All the users just have to move their feet in different directions to get the massaging and cleaning action simultaneously. Now you do not need to manually clean the feet by bending downward, instead the same purpose can be fulfilled by using the Easy Feet. As far as the size is concerned; the easy feet comes with one universal size that fits all.

The Easy Feet is manufactured from highest quality soft gel plastic that can easily withstand the daily wear and tear. For this reason, the product will give you years of service without any problem. Now you can enjoy your own home pedicure treatment with negligible cost. In Pakistan, this product is marketed by the Cyber Tele Shop. The same company will also give you the six months warranty on the product that covers the manufacturing defect only.

How to Use the Easy Feet?

  1. In the first step; you have to insert your feet in the slipper just like you wear the normal ones
  2. In the next step, you have to take in and out your feet in several directions and ways to thoroughly clean your feet
  3. The bristles will also help to clean the different part of the foot
  4. Similarly, you have to thoroughly rub your foot on the pumice stone to remove the leftover of dirt

Additional Features of the Easy Feet:

  1. Unique slipper that thoroughly massages and clean your feet
  2. Equipped with over 1000 cleaning bristles
  3. Comes with multiple suction cups on the bottom side
  4. Built-in pumice scrubbing stone
  5. Stylish design

Technical Specifications of the Easy Feet:

  1. Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 4.8 x 5.7 Inches (Length x Width x Height)
  2. Weight of the Product: 453.6 Grams

Package Contains:

1 x Easy Feet


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