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Air Bike Comfort


The typical concept about exercise is that it takes commitment, courage and consistency out of decisive behavior but this is for those who are unknown to Cyberteleshop’s air-bike. The air-bike at cyberteleshop has changed the phenomena of exercise in a phenomenal way. Now exercise takes nothing but reciprocally inversely allows you to have fun and unprecedented comfort during exercise. The changing dynamics of exercise has driven the company to bring an air-bike of stunning quality, which is also a pioneer in beautification of exercise machines.

The air-bike is manufactured with extreme precision and accuracy that it fits to all age and sizes. The recumbent machine has gone through many test to assure the quality and comfort during exercise. The air-cycle machine has added attraction of having support for features like view fit and passport media player. Let us inform you about both features which will take you in the realm of imaginations.

Fit view

View fit is a device which is used to wear on wrist in order to continuous calculations of your fitness and exercise related data. The air-bike has facility to connect view fit to it through WI-FI. The view fit enables you to collect and share your data on your view fit website account and on any of your favorite mobile application.

Passport media player

The passport media device has changed the way of exercise. It set a virtual program of different places right in front of your TV. You can easily drive your exercise home by looking into your TV screen. The best part about the passport media player is that it integrate with your air-bike and change the movement accordingly, for example if you run fast it will change the speed of video accordingly, same is the case with the inclining and declining stages of video.

Salient features of cyberteleshop’s air-bike

  • It has a handler which can be used to lift and store the air-bike.
  • The handler with seat has built in sensors which can examine and display your exertion level.
  • The ergonomic handlebar provide you the comfort of to hold and hang things like water bottle.
  • The screen displays innovative circle which tend to tell you your heart rate.
  • Device comes with the energy saver mode which automatically activate after 15 minutes.
  • The seat provide you the back support in most efficient way because of its especially designed rounded edges.
  • The 7 kg wheel of air-bike let you enjoy the experience which you have never before.
  • The generous 6.25” LCD and its 12 dynamic programs with different modes helps you getting feedback on continuous basis during exercise.



Frame Type Recumbent
Handlebars Ergonomic designed
Flywheel 7 kg/15.4 lbs.
Seat Ergo and Comfort Seat-back
Pedals Self-Balancing Pedals with Adjustable smooth and soft straps

Seat Adjustment


Resistance System Magnetic Brake
Power Requirements Adapter


Extras Smart Device Rack, Anti-Skid Cup Holder


Display Type

5.5 LCD

Display Feedback Time, Distance, Calories, Speed, RPM, Resistance Level, Heart Rate, Watts, Cardio Compass HR Display
Programs 12 Programs (Manual, Intervals, Game, Weight Loss, Rolling, Cadence, Random, Constant Watts, THR Zone, % THR, 2 Custom)
Heart Rate Grips Yes
Wireless Heart Rate Receiver Yes
Speakers Sonic Surround Speakers, Audio in Jack, Passport Ready
Resistance Levels 16 Electronically Adjustable
View Fit support Yes

Tech Specs

Overall Dimensions 165 x 64 x 135 cm / 65″ x 26″ x 53″
Product  total Weight 47 kg / 104 lbs.
Maximum Weight Capacity 136 kg / 300 lbs.



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