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Ab Twister Total Core



The Ab Twister total core abdominal exerciser is the amazing fitness machine that provides you with a complete 360 degree total core workout. You’ll workout your front core, upper and lower abs, side obliques, lower back and back of your core, all at the same time with the Total Core Exercise. Total Core does this in a single simple continues motion, all while you maintain a comfortable seated position. Total core is a precision manufactured from a high quality material and designed to last a lifetime. Total core is lightweight, compact and comfortable. Use the Total Core to perform a range of exercises at home. Work on strengthening core and back muscles with a handy DVD to get you started. When not in use, fold away for convenient storage

Product Features:

– Works your entire midsection, including your back muscles
– Works abs, obliques and lower backs
– Easy to use and suitable for all fitness levels
– It’s a abdominal exerciser with back support and 4 resistance springs
– Folds neatly away for easy to storage
– Come with LCD meter count


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