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Gondola Single and Double Sided Racks


A Gondola Rack is a display unit having two sides, it is designed for merchandising the center portion of your store. Its solid design and linear magazine gives you best possible control over shelves  for better performance of your facings and guarantees heavy loads and a long service life. With a base shelf you can create a countless number of displays to make row that will gain customer attention.

Prime examples of stores that use these units are: auto, grocery, pet, convenience, health and beauty aides, liquor, sports, and computer, just to name a few.

Technical specification:

  • Lever sheet thickness = 14 gauge
  • Pillar thickness = 14 gauge
  • shelves thickness = 21 gauge
  • Back sheet thickness = 24 gauge
  • Made by: M.S sheet
  • Powder coated color Finishing
  • shelve standard width : 3 foot


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