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Stanley STDR5206 520W Dry Wall Screw Driver


If you are an interior designer or a housewife, then you must have encountered the job of making a precise hole in the dry wall to hang any decorative item, wall clock, etc. Making a hole is a tiresome job, but this tiresome job is made easy by a quality product brought to you by the franchise of the Cyberteleshop.

As the name indicates, the Stanley STDR5206 520W Dry Wall Screw driver is a tool designed to make precise holes in especially dry walls. The Stanley dry wall is powered by a powerful 520 Watt motor that makes the whole process just like the fun. All you have to do is to plug in the switch of the machine in the standard 220 volt electrical socket and after that you can use the screw driver for your purpose.

Technical Specifications of the Stanley STDR5206 520W Dry Wall Screw Driver:

  1. Max Input power: 520 Watt
  2. Maximum Diameter of Screwdriver: 6 mm
  3. Maximum Torque: 8 NM
  4. Size of the Tool Holder: 6.35 Hex
  5. Weight of the screw driver machine: 1.4 KG

Stanley STDR5206 520W Dry Wall Screw Driver Box Contains:

1 x Stanley Dry Wall Screw Driver Main Unit

1 x Depth Sensitive Nose


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