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Exercise Mat



Create the ideal workout area in your home or on the go with the Gold’s Gym 10 mm Exercise Mat. Exercise Mat is fully functional and offers complete comfort, letting you practice yoga or Pilates at ease. The folding exercise mat is good for stretching and floor exercises, and it features closed-cell ribbed foam  with a textured surface. Train near the pool or at the beach with this handy gear, as it repels liquids. The sturdy straps and roll-away storage make it easy to take along when you travel. The durable Gold’s Gym Mat will be a pleasant surprise for your joints and back because of the plush design.  Host a fitness party and enjoy the joyful and relaxing workout. The Gold’s Gym 10 mm Exercise Mat will make your next home workout a breeze.
Yoga Mat Liveup imported
  • very comfortable.
  • you can do all yoga easily.
  • very good grip.
  • high quality eco mat.
  • Perfect for stretching and floor exercises
  • Closed cell, ribbed foam
  • Impervious to water and sweat
  • Durable, supportive surface
  • Rolls up for storage and travel
  • Convenient carry strap


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