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Hoola Hoop Workout in Norfolk is one of the newest crazes to hit our shores. It is a low impact cardiovascular workout that increases energy and makes you feel great. 
 One minute of hooping can burn as many calories as running an 8 minute mile or doing a high impact aerobics class.
Just like Fitness Pilates, it helps build core strength and will improve posture and balance. 
If you are looking for something a little less lively, why not try Fitness Pilates in Norwich and Norfolk – still a great workout, designed to put as little strain on the body as possible. 
Or if you want the ultimate fitness programme for mind and body, 
why not try Stretch Into Medtitation in Sprowston, Norwich and Attleborough, Norfolk.
I am certain you will find the right exercise class for your needs!
I teach Hoopnastics as a 30-minute workout divided into 2 parts: 
PART 1 is a 15 minute “Hooping cardio-core” workout that alternates between segments of hooping-cardio 
core intervals and standing lower body strength and balance exercises blending moves from ballet and yoga
 incorporating the sports hoop. PART 2 is a 15 minute toning and lengthening pilates-inspired mat workout 
incorporating the sports hoop for lying down and seated core exercises plus an intense arm toning sequence
 using resistance bands attached to the hoop. The workout ends with deep muscle toning exercises for the 
glutes and thighs and a stretching routine that uses the sports hoop.
Best of all, this routine is fun and totally different than what you are probably used to doing…which
 is perfect for boosting your fitness to a whole new level!
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