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Forever Lighter



Say goodbye to disposable and refillable lighters forever. Rather than creating a flame with lighter fluid, the Forever Lighter uses resistance coils to create heat, just like the cigarette lighters in cars. It uses any standard USB port to recharge its small lithium battery.

They do a good job of showing how this would work and it’s various features without going overboard on the claims or how you’d be able to use them. If you regularly use a lighter you can see the value in this almost immediately.

Forever Lighter which creates a Windproof flame by heated coil. It features a standard USB port to recharge its small lithium battery to create flame which needs no gas or fuel. Long-Lasting and Convenient to Use, which also comes along with a LED light which is most useful in dark places. your smokes without any problems of refueling gas or fuel.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rechargeable battery – reusable for years to come
  • Windproof design… Good for over 100 lights per charge
  • Flameless – Uses no gas or butane
  • Charges with built-in USB adapter anywhere you need it.
  • Saves you money – no more disposable lighters or buying lighter fluid!

Included in This Offer:

  • Black Forever Lighter X 1
  • Silver Forever Lighter X 2

Note: special Offer Buy 1 and get 2 forever free.



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